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Practical ways to keep pests away from your Dumpster rental

Roll off container rental in Orlando will not stay around you for long, but during the short stay, it can be an attraction to pests of all kinds, species, and sizes. You will not like a situation where your roll off container will become an eyesore due to various pests, maggots and all other tiny crawling creatures moving around and inside it. The primary purpose of the roll off container rental in Orlando is to hold waste before the waste is disposed of so, you will not be happy seeing your roll off container rental in Orlando serving other purposes asides that. It is, therefore, necessary to take some measures to prevent the roll off container rental in Orlando from harboring pests, maggots and other unsightly little creature.

Ways to keep roll off container rentals in Orlando clear of pests

1. Avoid food waste

This is the first measure to take keep pest away from your dumpster rental. If you don’t want pests to make your roll-off container rental in Orlando their abode, it is imperative that you desist from dumping food items into your roll-off container in Orlando. When you drop food item into it, the food item will rust making the immediate area stink. Flies will be attracted which in turn leads to maggot infestation.

2. Place your roll-off container on concrete and not glass

There is a possibility of rodents nesting underneath your roll off container rental in Orlando if you place it on grass. A much preferable option is a concrete slab rather than grass. Also, in the event of leakage, leakage will not get into the groundwater because of the nature of the surface your roll-off container rental is placed on.

3. Cover your roll off container rental in Orlando

Covering your dumpster container will keep pest away from your container. A lidded container will successfully keep smaller pests away but not the larger ones like raccoons and bears. For larger pests, a dumpster with a secured lead is resourceful. The lid must have a locking mechanism that must be very difficult to figure out how to get it opened.

4. Always tidy up your container

To avoid pest infestation, you must always make sure your unit delivers a clean roll off container and clean your container after each trip to the dump site. This will disallow waste buildup in your container and the cleaner your container, the lesser it attracts pests.

5. Use repellents to keep pest away

Another potent way to keep away pest from your roll off container rental in Orlando is to use repellents. Repellents are necessary if you must dispose of wastes that attract pests. A dilute solution of ammonia and water is well-recognized as a pest repellent. You must be cautious of the surrounding landscaping that might be damaged as a result of the ammonia-based repellent. Fox and coyote urine are known to drive rabbits, squirrel, and skunk away if place around the perimeter of your dumpster container.

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