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10 Things that you should not put in your Dumpster container rental in Orlando

If you want to clean up your home or get your home remodeled, then you may need a Roll off dumpster in Orlando. While you can dump lots of things into your Roll off dumpster rental in Orlando, some things are not appropriate to put in your dumpster container. This article will give an insight into what you should throw into your dumpster container rental and what you should not. Also, you must be aware that these materials might constitute safety and environmental hazards if not properly disposed of.

1. Solvents and paints

Most households have one thing or the other to do with paints and solvents. Some store their leftover paint in their attic or garage. You might be tempted to throw the paints along with all other waste into the roll off dumpster container in Orlando during house clean up. The fact remains that these chemicals are water contaminant and are not good in large quantities.

2. Automobile Fluids

Automobile fluids such as engine coolant, automotive oil, and transmission fluid are also contaminant that must not be thrown into the roll off dumpster rental in Orlando. It is essential you dispose of them properly and effectively.

3. Pesticides

Pesticides are harmless in small concentration, but they become a problem in large doses. If they pile up in a landfill, they become a threat to local wildlife population.

4. Strong cleaning Agent

Powerful cleaning agents that are formulated with powerful chemicals are not to be thrown into the roll off dumpster container in Orlando.

5. Electronics

Electronics are other categories of waste that should not be thrown into the roll off dumpster container in Orlando. In some places, dumping of electronics in landfills has become forbidden by the law. Throwing electronics into the roll off dumpster rental in Orlando will attract extra charges along with the base cost.

6. Other categories of chemicals

There is a long list of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. A good way of recognizing hazardous chemical is by researching any item you are not sure about. If you discover that it contains a dangerous chemical, look for a better way to dispose of it.

7. Batteries

Another waste that must not be found in your roll off dumpster container rental in Orlando is Battery. They usually contain mercury; therefore, it is always advised not to dump them in your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando.

8. Tires

Tires are not entirely prohibited from dumpsites but dumping them into roll-off dumpsters might attract extra charges. Therefore, you must be willing to pay the extra fees involved if you plan to add this item to your waste.

9. Mattress

Like Tires, Mattresses attract additional cost by most rental companies when dropped into dumpster container. The main reason for this charge is that they are difficult to dispose of.

10. Appliances

Appliances make up a part of the things you should not throw into your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando to avoid additional charges.

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