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What Countries Generate the Most Trash

Regardless of where you live in the world, trash seems to be a universal problem. Some countries, however, generate more trash than other countries.

United States

Only 4 percent of the world’s population lives in the United States. Yet, we generate over 30 percent of the world’s total waste. It is estimated that every American throws out seven pounds of trash every day. That still represents only 4 percent of the country’s total as most of the waste is generated by companies who need to use roll off dumpster rental in Ontario or other locations to get rid of a large amount of trash regularly. Food waste and yard trimmings account for over 25 percent of all trash generated. Paper and paper goods generate another 25 percent. When you add all the metal, glass and plastic together, then you get another 25 percent.


According to the German government, residents and industries generate about 332.2 million tons of trash annually that ends up in the country’s municipal landfills. Over 209 million tons of that waste comes from the construction industry. A little over 59 million tons is generated by other industries and 31 million tons is generated by mining activities. German residents are extremely careful about what they throw away, however, as they only generate 51.8 million tons of household waste annually.


While less than 2 percent of the world’s population lives in Russia, the country generates the third largest amount of waste. Russia generates 207.4 million tons of waste annually. Over 25 million tons of trash is sent to the landfill by Moscow residents annually. By comparison, the average Russian generates almost 2.5 pounds of trash each day.


Residents of England generate about 195 million tons of waste each year. By comparison, they generate 85 percent of the trash that ends up being sent to landfills in the European Union. Over 33 million tons of that waste was generated by commercial entities. Unlike many countries, England manages to recycle almost 50 percent of its waste saving it from the landfill.


According to the Japanese government, residents in Japan produce 51.4 million tons. Unlike the United States, most of that waste comes from individual households. Each resident generates about 2.46 pounds of trash daily. One of the major problems that the country is facing is that they are running out of space to put any more landfills.

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