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Dumpster Delivery: How does it work?

Dumpster Delivery: How does it work?

Dumpster Delivery: How does it work?

Are you seriously considering a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando but you are not sure how to go about it or what the process is all about? One perfect way to handle waste disposal is through a dumpster delivery to your home. If you are carrying out an extensive cleaning of your home or home renovation, a massive office move, or new building project; you will need a dumpster delivery services that can only be provided by Tip Top Containers Company in Orlando.

A simple process

So, how does it work? Well, the entire process is amazingly simple and straightforward. Instead of striving so hard to transport your trash and waste to the nearest garbage dump (which could be miles from you,) Tip Top Container will conveniently place a dumpster in your parking lot or driveway. Immediately the bin is full; our dumpster rental driver will come and collect it. Period!

In case you are still wondering what the process is all about and what to expect, here are the steps in details.

Step 1. Make all arrangement

If you want a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando, the first thing you must do is to contact Tip Top Containers on the phone or by visiting us at the address listed here. Then book an appointment in which you need to specify the duration of your rental. You will also have to tell us the time and location where to drop the dumpster. The standard practice is to drop off the dumpster and collect in three days after. However, you can retain the dumpster fro longer use if your project demanded it and provided you agreed to the fee payable.

From the point of booking your rental, you will receive an advanced pricing estimate, which should enable you to know your accurate quote.

Step 2. Get set for the delivery

We are proud to announce that at Tip Top Containers, we have a history of perfect timeliness. From the moment you make your reservation, we have started working towards the delivery date. The only thing is that you need to prepare yourself for the delivery, and guess what? It is very simple, takes little time, and you don’t even have to be there if you are that busy.

Pick a good and convenient place with the right size that fits your reserved dumpster, and convey it to us. Make sure all forms of obstacles are removed from the way so that, by the time we arrive, the drop-off process will be like a walk in the park.

Step 3. Fill up the dumpster

Yeah, you want to make use of it that’s why you rented it. After dropping your dumpster, fill it up with the trash that you want. After we pick it up, we take it to our processing plant where we sort out possibly harmful waste to save the environment from further pollution. Also, we carefully remove anything that can be recycled, repurposed, reused or donated, making sure that nothing of potential value is lost.

So, you can conveniently fill up your dumpster without worrying about what you’re casting in.

Step 4. Get set for collection

Once the date stated in your rental has come, our collection team will move down to the location of the dumpster to remove it and empty it on your behalf. Make sure that nothing is blocking or hindering access to the dumpster so that the job can be done quickly and conveniently. We will typically place a call to you 15 minutes before coming for the collection to verify that you are ready for us.

If you need more time, just inform us, and we can always work it out for you. But if all goes well, your junk would be hauled away from your beautiful property forever.

Step 5. Make payment

After disposing of your junk, we will send you an invoice based on the initial agreement. If you have questions regarding payment, feel free to contact us.

Process your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando today

From what we have discussed so far, getting a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando is very simple and straight to the point. Tip Top Container Operates a flexible rental service, with fair billing system and drop-off/pick-up policy. Call us today at (407) 660-2022 and let’s be of help to you and your valuable project.