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7 Harmful Things You Should Never Dispose in A Dumpster

7 Harmful Things You Should Never Dispose in A Dumpster

7 Harmful Things You Should Never Dispose in A Dumpster

A roll off dumpster rental in Orlando comes in handy when you are remodeling your home or cleaning out a messy room. A dumpster can be heaped up with all sort of things but there is some waste you can't dump into your dumpster. Having knowledge of what you can't dispose into your dumpster can go a long way in preventing environmental hazards. Below is a list of seven items you should never put in a dumpster.


When you are cleaning your garage or attic, you may notice some leftover paints. Do not make the mistake of tossing in the paint inside your dumpster. Paints are made up of chemicals aren't safe. This liquid is harmful in large quantities and can damage water sources. You are better off either keeping the paint in your garage in case you need to do a touch up. You can stir cat litter into the leftover paint and leave it to dry before disposing of the dried paint in the trash. Ensure you dispose paint as hazardous waste and try to recycle the tin.

Automobile fluids

Your radiator fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, air conditioning coolant, engine oil, and the others are hazardous to the environment. You can keep your environment safe by disposing them as hazardous waste and not in a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando.


Pesticides are common in most homes since they help to repel household pests like insects and rodents. Pesticides are however dangerous when dumped into landfills especially when they are in large quantities.

Powerful Cleaning agents

Some cleaning products contain some dangerous ingredients like bleach and ammonia and it won't be wise of you to toss them into your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando.

Electronic Appliances

When you toss your dead blender, toaster or any electronics into your dumpster, you are polluting the landfills, and sometimes the rental company may hit you with an additional fee. If you have any inoperable electronics on your home, it is best you recycle them rather than throwing them in your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando.


Batteries are chock full of harmful chemicals like Cadmium, Lithium, Lead, Mercury, Manganese, Potassium etc. When you put your dead batteries into your dumpster, you expose yourself and your community to these toxic chemicals. You can dispose of your dead batteries by dropping it off in any battery bank within your community.

Be careful of what you put into your dumpster. It is always a good idea to check with your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando to know the things that you cannot dump into them. Apart from these items, there are many more which the rental company will be happy to share with you. If you need a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando to handle your waste, call us today to speak with our representative. We offer many different sizes for your convenience.