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Keep These Items Out of Dumpsters

Keep These Items Out of Dumpsters

Keep These Items Out of Dumpsters

You should never put certain items in dumpsters. This statement is true of dumpsters at your commercial business or a roll-off dumpster at a demolition site. Learn which things you should not put in dumpsters and the reasons why that is true.


You should never place any chemical that can seep into the groundwater or harm wildlife in a dumpster. After pesticides, fertilizers, paint, and most cleaners get to the landfill because the chemicals can soak into the ground. Then, over time, they can enter the groundwater system. Over 50 % of Americans rely on groundwater for their tap water. Consuming contaminated groundwater can lead to harmful diseases, like cancer, hepatitis, and dysentery. Chemicals in landfills can also be very detrimental to wildlife and birds.

 Nickel-cadmium, Lead-acid Rechargeable Batteries

It is against Florida law to put nickel-cadmium or sealed-lead-acid-rechargeable batteries in a dumpster. Instead, you should take them to a battery collection point or send them back to the manufacturer. It takes time and effort to safely dispose of batteries because workers must first place the battery in a unique mill that smashes them. Smashing them allows the chemicals to drain out. Then, workers dispose of the metal separately from the toxins. Special techniques are used to separate the different compounds before workers safely dispose of them.


Disposing of old electronics also requires special procedures.  Lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury, and brominated flame retardants are just some of the chemicals often found in old electronics. Therefore, you should work with a certified e-recycler to dispose of these items properly. When you do not work with an accredited company or take them to a collection point that you trust, these electronics are often shipped overseas where they are burnt, releasing toxins into the atmosphere. Instead of going through all the hassles, you may want to consider donating your old electronics to a worthwhile cause.


Some parts of the country have a massive problem with unlawful tire dumping. If these illegal dumps catch on fire, the fire is almost impossible to put out. While it is burning, the blaze can release hazardous toxins into the air for many months. Illegal dumpsites can be breeding grounds for disease-carrying animals. The dumping of old tires causes taxpayers money because the area must eventually be cleaned up.

When you are looking for a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando, keep these facts in mind. You can put most other things in these dumpsters. Call Tip Top Containers about your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando today. You will be thrilled with their professional and quick service. They offer dumpsters in different sizes ranging from 10-to-40 yards, so one is perfect for your next demolition project.