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A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Tackle This Season

A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Tackle This Season

A Spring Cleaning Checklist to Tackle This Season

Spring cleaning is a great way to give your home a much-needed refresh, update its appearance, and remove unnecessary clutter.  By organizing, cleaning, getting rid of stuff, scrubbing, and sanitizing, you can have your home in great shape all year long.  When you undergo a large cleaning project in your home, you will want to get a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando to make this job easier.  Stop worrying about all the clutter removal and garbage piles and simply throw your unused or old items right into the dumpster.  There are many jobs you should consider doing to clean your home this year.  Here is a spring cleaning checklist you should tackle this season.


Dusting all throughout your home can take up to an entire day when done the right way.  Equip yourself with a dust removing cleaning solution, old rags, and a dusting brush.  These will help you reach high spots on tops of shelves and ceiling fans.  Also, be sure to dust the corners of your walls and the bottom of the trim on the floor.

Stow Away Seasonal Items

Rotating your seasonal items will help make sure that the items you need now are in the front.  This makes it easier when you go to reach for what you need.  Stow away sweaters, heavy blankets, coats, and other winter items.  Then, bring out your summer attire and supplies, such as beach towels, sunscreen, and lighter jackets.

Organize Closets

When you go to organize your closets, you want to get rid of clothes and materials that you no longer fit in or enjoy.  Be honest with yourself when you are folding and hanging clothes.  Come up with a storage solution to make everyday life easier.  Organizing closets is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and donate old items.


Decluttering during spring cleaning will give your home the ultimate makeover.  Go through shelves, drawers, and storage baskets and bins.  Make sure that you still use the items that somehow always seem to stay at the bottom.  This will ensure that you only keep items that you still use.  Throw away any of the items that you can't donate.

Deep Clean

Deep cleaning with cleaning solutions, such as bleach, all purpose cleaners, and other sanitizers, will help keep your home free from bacteria, germs, dirt, and grime.  Doing a deep clean of all surfaces at least once a year is a great way to keep your home in great condition, preventing additional wear and tear.

By following this spring cleaning checklist, you will have your home in the best shape all year long.  Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning your home will provide you with a healthy and happy environment for you to enjoy.  When you are spring cleaning, consider a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando to make the removal process easier.  Instead of worrying about piles of garbage littering your curb for many weeks after cleaning, a dumpster provides a one-time removal of everything.  Contact us today if you are getting started with your spring cleaning today.