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5 Tips for Avoiding Property Damage with Roll Off Dumpster Rental

5 Tips for Avoiding Property Damage with Roll Off Dumpster Rental

5 Tips for Avoiding Property Damage with Roll Off Dumpster Rental

If you have decided to clean out your house and get rid of everything you don’t need, or you are trying to keep a construction site clean and safe for workers and visitors, a roll off dumpster rental in Orlando can help. However, don't allow preventable oversights to stop you from getting back your deposit or cause yourself property damage that will be costly to repair. Here are some expert tips for avoiding property damage when renting a roll-off dumpster.

Find the perfect parking place

Deciding where to park your portable dumpster will play a massive role in its efficiency for use. Roll of dumpsters are heavy, and they will only get heavier the more you fill them, so it is essential to consider their placement carefully. They are best placed on flat, solid surfaces like driveways or pavement. You should always avoid placing them on soft ground, like your front lawn, to avoid sinking and impressions that you will have to repair in the future.

If you decide to use your driveway, consider the following questions:

  • Will there still be plenty of room for your car?
  • Will it be blocking the view of drivers and pedestrians on the street?
  • Will it be blocking any entrances?
  • Is there enough room to safely load waste into the container?

If everything checks out, go ahead and have your container delivered.

Create a clear path to the dumpster

Identify the easiest path to the dumpster during your project. If you need to pass over soft ground, you may consider laying down some boards or plywood to guide people in the right direction and protect you from muddy, wet conditions if there is any rain in the forecast. This can also protect your lawn from damage.

Don’t dump hazardous liquids

Most roll-off dumpsters are ready to handle anything you throw at them during your cleanup efforts. However, to avoid losing your security deposit or causing unforeseen damage to your property, avoid dumping hazardous liquids, like oil, gasoline, pesticides, anti-freeze, and household cleaning chemicals into your container. The potential for danger from these chemicals mixing includes dangerous fumes, fires, and ground pollution if they leak into your soil.

Don’t overload

It is best only to fill your dumpster to the top and avoid having things hanging over. Most companies put a tarp over the container before hauling it away. If you push your limits and fill it too full, you may end up with spillage on your property. This is unappealing, but you risk property damage from driving over debris if you do not notice it right away.

Sweep up the area

Once you have your dumpster loaded and ready for pick-up, it is wise to grab a broom and sweep in front of it to help you collect any paint chips, shards of glass, wood scraps, screws, or nails that may be left behind from your cleaning efforts.

Use these tips to avoid any property damage with your roll off dumpster rental in Orlando. Contact us today for more information on how we can help make your life less trashy.