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How To Effectively Load a Dumpster

How To Effectively Load a Dumpster

How To Effectively Load a Dumpster

When you lease a roll off container in Orlando, you may believe using it is as easy as throwing your waste inside and calling it a day. Unfortunately, treating your dumpster this way will stop you from getting the most use out of it. Here's how to tackle the job of loading a dumpster:

Step 1: Break Down Larger Items

When tossing something into a dumpster, break it down into the smallest state possible. Anything you can break down should be because it will permit more things to fit. For example, even basic building materials, like foam core and drywall, should be busted into smaller fragments. Also, flatten any boxes to avoid taking up most of your dumpster with the empty room inside them.

Step 2: Select the Right Placement

If feasible, put your dumpster on your driveway in an open area away from other property. If this is not feasible, use plywood to shield the area where you intend to place your dumpster.

Step 3: Study Lists

Before you begin loading the dumpster, study a list of what is and isn't permitted. Then, only dispose of items that are permitted in your state.

Step 4: Pack From Back to Front

Begin loading your dumpster in the back or closed end, and work your way toward the front or gate end. This will safeguard you from getting blocked in by waste.

Step 5: Add Bigger Items First

If an object is large and bulky, you'll want to add it to your dumpster first. Smaller items can fit around these big items, giving you more capacity. Next, add a full layer at the base of the dumpster constructed of bulky items.

Step 6: Slow Down and Seal Gaps

As you load the dumpster, make sure you move slowly enough to see where you are placing things in the dumpster. Then, fill in around voids with your smaller objects. Remember, the more you use the space, the more you will be able to fit in the dumpster rental.

Step 7: Pay Attention to Weight

If you have extremely heavy or lightweight things, add them to distribute the weight evenly in your dumpster. If you don't accomplish this step, the items in your dumpster may move around during transit. This can produce a severe problem for the driver and other people on the road. Even weight distribution demands some consideration about your project before starting, but it's an essential safety step.

Step 8: Keep your Load Low

Finally, make sure not to over-fill the dumpster. You need the items to be lower than the side walls of the dumpster to protect the driver from loose things that could fall over the side of the trash piles are too high. If you include heavy items, keep your load a foot or lower below the most elevated point of the side wall. This will safeguard against the threat of surpassing the weight limit.

We hope this helps you load a dumpster effectively. Contact us today for roll off container rental in Orlando. We want to make your life less trashy.